Tinnitus Treatment in Ahmednagar


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Tinnitus is the medical term for ringing, buzzing, crackling or hissing sounds heard inside one or both ears. Many people experience an occasional ringing in their ears that usually lasts for a few minutes but if it does not get better or go away it is called TINNITUS .

Tinnitus may result from some underlying medical condition or side effects of certain drugs that the doctor has to physically examine.

How It Works

Elderly people are more vulnerable to this condition and this may lead to hearing loss and psychological disorders. The exact method of diagnosis includes a hearing test, electrocochleography, and MRI in some cases to get a clear picture of the cause of tinnitus.

Our hearing aid center in Bhubaneswar offers the best quality diagnosis facility for all age group patients. We have a laboratory facility to conduct tests and diagnosis to know the cause of tinnitus. These are performed by well-experienced audiologists by collecting extensive information about patient’s medical history and living habits. Along with this, we have advanced medical equipment for hearing loss diagnosis. We deal with branded hearing aids that provide inbuilt tinnitus management features. With prior appointment, patients can visit our Audiologist. To know more options for diagnosis please visit our hearing aid center at Ahmednagar.