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The reputable Siemens brand has been known for creating quality hearing solutions throughout its history. Siemens hearing instruments was recently acquired by Sivantos, Inc. and will continue to be branded as Siemens during their transition period. Sivantos has begun using the Signia name for its recently developed hearing devices. Signia and Siemens hearing instruments offer a wide range of high quality hearing aids.

Signia is known for innovation and recently developed the world’s first inductive charging, 24-hour, rechargeable, lithium ion-powered hearing aid, the Cellion Primax.

Signia History

Sivantos Group, Signia’s parent company, has a roots dating back to 1878, when Werner von Siemens developed an improved telephone receiver after noticing people with hearing loss had trouble understanding transmissions. From this foundation, the company built is legacy in the spirit of entrepreneurship, courage, empathy, and the desire to help others.

Their adventurous and innovative employees have helped millions of people live better lives. Sivantos Group’s dedication to helping improve the daily lives of those with hearing impairment has been a company tradition for over 130 years.

Signia produces hearing aids that are capable of giving you 25% better speech understanding than individuals with normal hearing. It all works through highly subtle and sophisticated amplification adaptable to a wide range of listening environments including restaurants, parties, and sporting events. You can trust the Signia name to address your hearing loss.

Why Signia?

Today’s listening environments are more complex than they were even twenty years ago. Busy lifestyles combined with the constant use of mobile and digital devices now means you need hearing devices that can literally ‘go with the flow.’ That’s where Signia & Siemens hearing instruments and accessories deliver exceptional solutions and value. Signia & Siemens hearing instruments offer Bluetooth® for hearing devices so you can regain those important connections in life.

Hearing aids from Signia now come in smaller models and styles so that even kids and teens can wear them discreetly. Rechargeable models are also available, as are devices to help with tinnitus. This is the moment where technology really can really help you enjoy life more. The personal Hearing Consultants at Hearing Planet are ready to help you improve your quality of life.

Rechargeable: Eliminate the hassle of changing small batteries weekly with the Signia hearing instruments rechargeable hearing aid. These hearing aids are placed in a charger each night and are ready to go in the morning.  Plus, the charging unit also acts as a hearing aid dryer to eliminate moisture and humidity to prolong the life of your hearing aid.

TwinPhone: This is one of Signia’s new features. When you hold a phone up to your ear, the caller’s voice will stream into both hearings aids, giving you twice the input. For example, if you pick up the phone on the right side you would hear the phone call in your left ear also.

HD Music: Any musician or music lover can tell you that experiencing live music is vastly different than listening to recorded music. Signia Primax hearing aids take this into account and have different settings for varying types of musical environments. So whether you’re watching a live show, playing an instrument yourself, or listening to recorded music, you’ll have a great listening experience.

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