Protecting Your Ears During the Summer Months

While summer can be a carefree time with friends and family, protecting your ears from water and your hearing aids from the elements is important to enjoying it. Whether you’re an experienced swimmer or your child is just learning to dunk his or her head, swim plugs and surfer’s plugs are the solution to avoiding the frustration of water in your ears.  At Comprehensive Audiology, our swim plugs are custom-fit, comfortable, and come in a wide range of trendy color choices.  They’re also reliable enough to keep tubes and infection-prone ears completely dry. 

Even when you’re done swimming, your hearing aids can still get clogged and damaged from excessive heat, sand, dirt, sunscreen, and even sweat. Regularly cleaning your hearing device with small microbial towelettes or using Ear Gear — soft spandex water-resistant device slipcovers — can prevent clogging, wick moisture, prolong the lifespan of your hearing aids, and even reduce the effect of wind noise while you’re wearing them. Simply storing hearing aids in a protective case in a cool and dry place or using a UV drying and sanitizing kit can prevent heat and humidity-related damage.  

If you’re planning on being outdoors this summer, be sure to stop by our office to check out our many swim plug  color options, pick up a drying kit, and receive even more tips about protecting your ears and hearing aids so you can join the fun without the worry!

Credit - Comprehensiveaudiology