Plastic Elkon Pocket Hearing Aid

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Aid Placement Pocket Hearing Aid, Body worn, Behind The Ear, In The Ear, Bone Anchored, In The Canal

Brand Elkon

Material Plastic

No. Of Channels 1-2

Model Name/Number EL-98

Features Telephone Compatibility, Wireless, Directional Microphone, Telecoil, Direct Audio Input

Product Description

Latest IC/Transistorised Circuitry in all the models, Reliable, durable with low distortion, crystal clear sound State-of-the-art technology. 

Fonix'' 6500 CX and 7000 

Sturdy Mechanical components, hard gold plated switch contacts. Excellent quality microphones and earphones used for utmost Reliability. Most models provided with tone control and powerful telephone coil. 

Prompt after sales service-our key to successful marketing. 

From Frye Electronics (USA) Hearing Aid Analyzer.

A simple easy to use instrument for moderate to severe losses, Transistorized Circuitry.