Original Phonak Venture Style Hearing Aid Case

Original Phonak Hearing Aid Case.

Hard exterior to protect hearing aids from damage.

Comes with hearing aid cleaning brush and a battery storage slot.

Original product direct from Phonak.

Interior Dimensions: approx. 2.75" x 1.5" x 0.5"

Look Click - Visible Portable Phonak Hearing Aid, Number Of Channels: 8

Customer Questions & Answers

Question: How many come in a package?

Answer: One I ordered the small first. Way too small. I then ordered the large perfect.

Question: Is it felt lined?

Answer: The cases are neoprene lined for easy cleaning.

Question: Will this fit resound linx² 9?

Answer: I could fit 6-8 of my smallish sized Phonak BTE Audeo Q's (the medium size in that group) in the case. Posting a photo in a minute.

Question: What keeps the hearing aids from bouncing around inside the case?

Answer: The inside of the lid of the case is slightly convex to help hold the aids in place. The case is also lined with a soft material to add extra cushioning.

Question: Is this a good size for "in the ear" hearing aids?

Answer: I have Oticon Nera and they fit just fine. Not a lot of extra room, but I was looking for a case that was compact.

Question: recharge phonak case replacement

Answer: My case isn’t for recharging 🤷‍♀️

Question: can the little brush be purchased separately?

Answer: I haven’t seen the exact replacement available. Search wax loop tool or hearing aid brush for alternatives.

Question: What are the exterior dimensions of this case?

Answer: Aprox. 78mmx57mmx29mm. I love this one because it comes with a brush with a magnet (very helpful to remove the discharged batteries from the hearing aids) and a place to hold two replacement batteries instead of keeping then freely inside.

Question: Is it easy to open?

Answer: Pretty easy. Just press firmly on the front piece and it opens. The case is not heavy, so too much pressure would not be good. I haven't had a problem.

Question: How many come in a package?

Answer: On

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