Hearing Aid Repair In Ahmednagar

A hearing aid is an electronic device designed to improve one's hearing.This tiny device contains lots of sophisticated parts and inbuilt technology to make the hearing aid user hear with better comfort.It's highly important for the user to take good care of hearing aid for its longevity and smooth functioning.

Hearing aid users may experience some problems with the hearing aid. In that situation, the user needs to contact their Audiologist or nearby hearing aid clinic to repair and service.

How It Works

A hearing aid repair can be done at authorized Lab. Any repair can be done free of cost if the hearing aid has a warranty. Out of warranty hearing, aid will be charged as per the condition of the hearing aid.

To know if your hearing aid repairment is required , the user has to check a few things, like - Is sound can be heard properly, sound is not weak, is there any feedback sound, battery is not draining fast, battery is inserted properly.

If any such problems are happening one should Check the following things at their end to solve the matter instantly.

  • Replace the battery with a new one.
  • Remove excess ear wax from the ear mould.
  • clean the hearing aid with a dry cloth.
  • Place the hearing aid in dry box/ dehumidifier.
  • Turn up or down the volume as per the requirement.
  • Check if the user's ears have wax.
  • In case the problem still persists contact your audiologist and provide your hearing aid for servicing/repair.