Teaching to Brush


Why difficulties in brushing 

  • Due to oral motor sensitivity 
  • Child is hypersensitive to touch 

Steps to teach brushing 

  Use a mirror so that the child can see himself


  • Thicken the brush handle with cloth/plaster/fix a wooden handle if there is a  need for good gripping
  • Give a deep pressure massage on the gums with your finger


Use a different coloured toothbrush to help child identify his brush

Keep the tooth paste and brush in a place low enough for the child to reach easily 


  • Teach squeezing the paste from the tube as the last step as it needs fine motor coordination
  • Show him how to squeeze the tube and apply required amount of paste on the brush 
  • Try toothpaste/gels/powders with different flavours


  • Initially children may eat paste. 

A little paste swallowed does not harm children

   Gradually train the child to spit 

Give lots of water to drink as it is a natural cleanser


  • Demonstrate spitting by pouring water into your mouth and spitting it 
  • Give child lots of water and immediately bend head down label it as spitting 
  • Praise child specifically ‘good spitting’