Hearing aid Majalgaon


VR clinic is a leading hearing aid clinic in Maharashtra which offers a comprehensive range of Hearing & Speech Clinic. With head-office in Ahmednagar and Pune in Nashik, Beed, and Aurangabad, experts at VR Speech and Hearing clinic go the extra mile to understand patients with hearing impairment. Catering to special lifestyle needs of patients, VR CLINIC Audiologists, along with world-class technology enabled Products, strive to deliver.

Moreover, Audiologists at these Hearing care clinic have over 7 years of experience. This permits them to carry out the consultation process, seamlessly while understanding the needs of every patient, effectively.

What We Offer

Hearing Aids at VR HEARING comes in a range of styles that can be personalized to your needs. These Hearing Aids are sleek, discreet, barely visibly and offer superior connectivity. Hearing Test for Infants and Adults, Counseling and Hearing Aid Machine Trial and Fitting are some of the services provided at VR HEARING Hearing Care Clinics. For Infants, the hearing screening and assessment is carried out by making use of instruments suitable for children. For Adults, hearing test helps identify the right device for each individual. Additionally, when you purchase Hearing Aids from VR HEARING, the expert audiologist tell you exactly how to take care of those precious instruments, and only on the basis of your hearing level, a particular Hearing Aid will be suggested to you and fitted into your ear.