What is an articulation disorder?

Refers to errors in speech sound production in terms of mispronunciation, substitution or missing out the sound.
Articulation disorder may impact a child’s speech intelligibility when communicating with others.
It also alters one’s social, emotional, educational &/or vocational status.
What causes an articulation disorder?
Due to hearing loss
Neurological disorders
Physical impairments
Inadequate oral – motor skills
Difficulty with placement of articulators

How do I know if my child has an articulation disorder?

Unclear speech at age 3 or older
Unable to say sounds, majority of their peer group have already mastered
Reduced verbal communication
Reduced oral academic performance

Whom to contact?

If a child has an articulation disorder, assessment and therapy by a speech language pathologist is recommended.
The therapist will assist your child to produce correct articulator placement and voicing to generate the speech sound.
Our approach at vr clinic:
Our speech language pathologist will evaluate your child to know their exact errors & a variety of speech strategies will be implemented to help your child to achieve their goals. To Know More contact : +91 9657588677
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