Making the Holiday Easier For parents of special needs children

While most of us look forward to the festive season, the holidays can be challenging for children with special needs, and equally challenging for their parents. Here are our tips for parents on how to enjoy the holidays.
Don’t feel guilty about leaving a party or gathering early if it’s not working for you and your child – especially if others are not flexible and accepting toward your child.
If you can’t leave the gathering, take a deep breath and go to a quiet space with your child. We’ve all heard unkind comments from others,and there will always be relatives and even friends who say the wrong thing. That’s a fact of life. Hold your head high and keep going.
Find some support so you can have some time to enjoy the holiday in your own way, without trying to make things easier for your child. You deserve it! Even a one-hour visit to a festive market by yourself or with a friend will help you enjoy the holiday.
When preparing for the holiday, shop online if you find it too hard to get out of the house. Shopping online also lets you avoid traffic jams and crowds!
Don’t stress about the things you can’t do. If the decorations and the meal aren’t perfect, don’t worry about it. Remember that it’s the time spent with family and friends that make the holidays special.
Live in the moment! Sure, the holiday may come with a few hassles and meltdowns, but try to let them slide and stay focused on the festivities. Diwali comes only once a year. You don’t have to make your life perfect in order to enjoy the holiday! Enjoy the holiday in spite of the challenges!