Hearing impairment or loss is the reduction in hearing sensitivity, which can be due to a number of different factors. This implies that the sound intensity of some or all frequencies has to be increased, for the ear to be able to perceive all sounds.

Do you need ear checkup?

When there is pain or ear discharge or vertigo-sensation of imbalance or ringing sound in the ear or damage to any part of the ear like; outer, middle or inner  ear, a Hearing Test is necessary to rule out hearing loss.

  • When you have to speak a little bit louder than normal to get his/her attention you will need to go for a check up.
  • When there is difficulty in hearing soft sounds like the rustle of the leaves
  • If it is difficult to distinguish between different sounds as when you are not able to hear sounds optimally
  • If it is difficult to understand speech among multitude of sounds
  • Low level sounds are perceived to come from far off and are too soft
  • When high level sounds are too loud
  • Unilateral hearing loss(one side hearing loss)- a rare condition in which a person may hear normally in one ear while the other ear may suffer from Mild to Profound hearing loss.
Hearing Loss is progressive. When you do not take timely action to correct the problem, hearing will deteriorate.

Generally there are four Degrees of Hearing Loss:

  • Mild Loss is when you cannot hear the wind blowing and the rustle of the leaves on the trees.
  • Moderate Loss is when you cannot hear or understand normal speech.
  • Severe Loss is when a person has to shout for you to hear.
  • Profound Loss is when a person is unable to hear loud noise.