How to Involve Your Child in the Festive Season

source mom`s belief 

The festive season can be challenging for children with special needs. But there are ways to involve them in the festivities!Here’s how to help your child participate in the holiday.

It’s fun for kids to help arrange and light the Diyas and create Rangolis. But children with control issues may have a hard time letting others participate, and this makes it hard for siblings who are involved. Control the chaos by giving your special needs child his or her own set of Diyas or flowers to arrange any way he / she pleases.

Let your child create the wrapping paper for gifts! Use a roll or large sheet of plain paper and let your child finger paint with washable paints. This activity is great for kids who enjoy sensory play. And your child will be proud to see gifts wrapped in the paper he or she created.

The painting and Rangoli activities offer the opportunity to work on cognitive skills through color and shape identification. Your child’s fine motor skills will also benefit from creating a Rangoli.Don’t forget to draw lots of positive attention to your child’s work – it’s a great confidence booster!

If your child has limited mobility, let him or her direct the creation of Rangolis or the placement of the Diyas. Your child can select the Rangoli design and the colors to be used. Diyas and string lights can be placed according to his / her instructions and lit when he or she gives the signal! This activity can help in developing language skills.

If your child has very specific interests – as many children on the autism spectrum do – try to work that interest into your holiday plans. If it’s music and instruments, make that a part of your holiday. If it’s bubbles, get the whole family involved in blowing bubbles on the night of Diwali.