Help Your Child Cope with the Noise & Lights of the Festive Season


While most of us look forward to holiday festivities, the holidays can be challenging for children with special needs. If you’re the parent of a child with special needs, Mom’s Belief can help you make the most of the holiday!

When you’re out of the house with your child…

If you want to take your child shopping for holiday goodies, visit markets and shops first thing in the day – before they get crowded.

However, don’t try to do all your holiday shopping at one time with your child. Just pick up a couple gifts or food items with your child, so he or she can be part of the experience without having to endure hours of shopping.

While the lights and decorations are fun to take in, the noise and crowds of public places might cause your child to become overwhelmed. Instead, take an evening drive in your area to see the local decorations. Your child can enjoy the lights while avoiding the commotion.

Sometimes you can’t avoid the noise and crowds, no matter how hard you try. Keep a pair of noise cancellation headphones with you, so your child can shut out the noise if it’s not possible to get away from it.

Traffic jams can be a problem during the festive season. No one enjoys sitting in car, surrounded by honking vehicles and flashing headlights, least of all children with sensory processing issues. Children who experience anxiety can also become stressed, particularly if others in the car are becoming stressed. If you must go out when the traffic is at its worst, be sure to have the headphones or ear buds with you, as well as some items that comfort your child and distract him or her from the chaos outside the car.

If attending any holiday performances, try to sit near an exit so you can leave quickly if it becomes too much for your child. This holds true for fireworks displays too!